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MARI/CCPO Seminar Series

Sophie Nowicki, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Sophie Nowicki is a Research Scientist in the Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). Her research interests relate to ice sheet modeling (at various spatial scales) and their contribution to sea level rise in a warming climate. She currently leads an effort to couple ice sheet models to the two NASA climate models (GEOS5 and ModelE), and a NASA interdisciplinary effort to understand the causes, impacts and feedbacks of contemporary changes in the Arctic. Sophie previously co-led the Sea-level Response to Ice Sheet Evolution (SeaRISE) community effort that targeted the IPCC AR5, and currently leads the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6 (ISMIP6). She was a science team member for NASA's Operation IceBridge and is currently a science team member for the NASA Sea Level Change Team. Sophie obtained a PhD in theoretical glaciology from the University College London and an MSc in Remote Sensing and Image Processing from the University of Edinburgh.

More information on Dr. Nowicki's research is available at