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MARI/CCPO Seminar Series

Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons from natural hazards planning

Gavin Smith, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

The seminar is based on Glavovic and Smith (2014). This book identifies lessons learned from natural hazard experiences to help communities plan for and adapt to climate change. Written by leading experts, the case studies examine diverse experiences, from severe storms to sea-level related hazards, droughts, heat waves, wildfires, floods, earthquakes and tsunami, in North America, Europe, Australasia, Asia, Africa and Small Island Developing States. The lessons are grouped according to four imperatives: (i) Develop collaborative governance networks; (ii) build adaptive capabilities; (iii) invest in pre-event planning; and (iv) the moral imperative to undertake adaptive actions that advance resilience and sustainability. (p)This book is distinctive in providing climate change policy-makers, scholars, students and practitioners with a rigorous understanding of lessons learned from natural hazards planning scholarship and experience that can help to overcome barriers and unlock opportunities for building communities that are sustainable and resilient to climate change.

Among other things, this book will provide readers with insights into:

Readers will be able to answer vital questions, such as: What are the root causes of increasing climate change risk? What are the key considerations for reducing climate change impacts? What barriers do communities face in their endeavour to adapt to climate change? What role should key actors, including government at different levels, the private sector, civil society and the research community, play in building adaptive capacity? What can be done to recover from the adverse impacts of natural hazards, disasters and climate change?


Glavovic, B. C., Smith, G. P. (eds.), 2014. Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons from natural hazards planning. Published by Springer (2014)