IDS 369/PRTS 695:
Internship in Conservation Leadership

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Courses: IDS 369 (CRN 34401), PRTS 695 (instead of GRAD 569 (CRN tbd)); class 3 credits
Course title: Internship in Conservation Leadership
Instructors: Dr. Hans-Peter Plag,
Office Hours: Mondays, 2:00-4:00 Pm and on request.
Dr. Eddie Hill
Office Hours: On request
Term: Summer 2020
Time: Variable (appointment based)
Location: Variable

Office Hours for Dr. Plag during the Coronavirus Crisis

During the crisis, I will continue my office hours on Mondays from 2:00 - 4:00 PM in a regularly scheduled Zoom room. The URL for this Zoom meeting room is

Hans-Peter Plag


The internship is course is a mandatory course for both the Minor and Graduate Certificate in Conservation Leadership. The interships in this course are conducted either as part-time of full-time internships. The intership mandates 300 hours at the host institution. Each student is required to submit an individual application to ensure that the student can be matched to requirements of a particular internship. After submission of the application and resume, an interview will be scheduled with the advisors to ensure that there is an optimal match between the host, project, location, etc., and the student's interests and qualifications.

Each internship will focus on a wicked problem related to a "real-world issue" that constituted a leadership challenge in conservation. The student is expected to use the concepts of adaptation and sustainability science to analyse the wicked problem and to develop options of how to tackle this problem. The MARI case study template will be used for that. Each student will be mentored in the context of the course and will have a dedicated supervisor at the host institution. Weekly reports (bi-weekly for part-time internships) and weekly conversations of mentor and student will ensure that the mentor can provide guidance and support the student when needed. All submissions of reports and other documents have to be made in the workspace.


Orientation Workshop

Prior to starting the internship, participation in an Orientation Workshop is mandatory. For this course, the Orientation Workshop will take place on May 19-20, 2020 at ODU.