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Hear about impacts of SLR in Hampton Roads ...

This cluster of information repositories compiled by MARI facilitates access to detailed information on all aspects of climate change and sea level rise, their impacts on particularly urban coasts, and our evolving understanding of mitigation and adaptation options and necessities. It aims to provide the social, economic, and environmental intelligence needed to develop mitigation and adaptation approaches to live and thrive with a changing climate and rising sea levels.

The Climate Change repository provides introductory and in-depth information on the wide range of environmental, social and economic impacts that can be expected as a result of the changing climate and rising sea levels. The extent of the changes taking place is symbolized by the discussion around the Anthropocene, the proposed new geological epoch that humanity may have initiated.

The impacts already visible today are documented in our Documentation repository. It is planned to add a crowd-sourcing tool to this repository so that concerned citizens will be able to add their documentations to the repository.

The Mitigation of Climate Change repository provides access to information on options for, and progress in, mitigating climate change as a hazard.

The Mitigation of, and Adaptation to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Impacts repository synthesizes information on best and next practices in the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change and sea level rise impacts. This part aims to be a resource to those in need of mitigation and adaptation intelligence (MAI), and it will soon include blogs for the discussion of the next mitigation and adaptation practices (MAP).

The information on Stakeholders provides overviews of those having to address climate change and sea level rise impacts in one way or another, including stakeholders in research, education, information, governance, business, and non-governmental organizations.

A repository of Pictures provides access to photographs, images, and graphs that may be of interest for stakeholders in aspects of climate change and sea level rise.

The MARI Library provides comprehensive access to documents related to climate change and sea level rise and their multi-faceted impacts. Besides a comprehensive overview of documents listed according to publication years, the library organizes these documents according to themes and issues. Where not prohibited by copyrights, the library also provides access to the documents themselves.